twiltye arts

call me twiltye or cuebat
19, illustration major, not yet at a four year school, wants to do storyboarding, too much of a wimp for animation proper, likes lots of webcomics, has a girlfriend, also plants
Some cool people


Some dragons to…”rest”…my wrist…yeh…

Send me a request and I’ll draw it with my left hand

(that is in fact my right hand yes)

So bad news, no drawing for a while. Not that I have a doctor’s note or anything, but I definitely don’t want to mess it up even more. Just as I’m getting ideas about what to do too!

I can try scribbling left handed. A non dominant hand stream actually sounds pretty fun.

Also what the hell do you do with keyboard shortcuts if you’re a lefty? I have everything mapped to the left side of my keyboard, if possible. Do you just flip it to the other side or what?

My wrist is not happy! That’s not good!